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Lineset 5/8″ flex drain hose

Gree Flexx drain hose is designed for a mini-split air conditioner and heat pump systems. Compatible with most mini-split air conditioner condensate outlets and regular drain hose connectors on the market. Made of high-quality PE material with inner black liner, highly flexible, anti-corrosion, durable for indoor and outdoor use. Inner black liner offers protection from the sun's harmful rays and reduces drain friction which can lead to a build-up of sludge, scum, and other accumulations resulting in drain blockage. 164 feet length fitting 5/8 in ID tubing with 16 mm or 18 mm connections, fits securely onto standard 5/8 in. Cut for precise installation and maximum use - the line finished is 164 ft. in length with fittings on each end and cut marks every 19.68 in.

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