About Us

About Us


In 1991, GREE set out to make the world a cooler place. To this end, we’ve become a global leader in air conditioners, developing some of the most advanced commercial and residential air conditioners in the world. Based in Zhuhai, China, we’re now the world’s largest specialized air conditioner company integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. It’s our mission to innovate and create new ways to help people live well and stay comfortable no matter where they live, work or play.


Part of our responsibility is being mindful of the world we live in, which means we’re committed to using innovation to design more eco-friendly air conditioners. Every year we commit 3% of our budget to R&D. And, as a pioneer in the air conditioning industry, our R410A Refrigerant is eco-friendly.


From our humble beginning in 1991, GREE has grown over 80,000 strong across the world. With 3 research institutes, 9 product development centers, over 300+ labs and 5000+ engineers, we’ve absolutely committed to finding newer and more efficient ways to keep our customers comfortable, healthy and productive.


Today, we’ve developed some of the world’s most energy-efficient and technically advanced air conditioners. From the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Media Village to the main stadium of the 2010 Africa World Cup, GREE is trusted to help people stay comfortable in the most extreme environments. Residentially, we’ve created wonders of technology that are just as contemporary, beautiful and efficient. Every day, over 100 million customers stay cool with GREE air conditioners.

About Company

Our Main Policy is Service First. I want to assure you that you are dealing with people who have extensive experience in not only mini splits, but a total all around knowledge of HVAC, commercially as well as residentially. Our knowledge lends itself not only to equipment but also every integral part of an HVAC installation from all aspects. We are of course, an Inverter Systems Heat Pump Comfort company, so yes we know it is a great feeling to 'Breathe Clean Air' air day to day with the Efficiency our systems provide.

IN KENTUCKY we are a Wholesale Distributor and WE CAN Put You in touch with the Best Installations... Kentucky LICENSED HVAC and ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS! Professional Grade Installs and Service. Very important when dealing with Inverter Driven Systems. We want to insure your satisfaction related to comfort and efficiency but we also want to make sure if you ever have a problem, your warranty is intact due to a Professional Installation.

Now to brief you on our line of equipment, GREE COMFORT and TOSOT PREMIUM COMFORT. We proudly handle GREE & Tosot which is manufactured by the largest air conditioning manufacturing company in the world. Gree Electric, the manufacturer stands out by way of product quality as well as backing up what they sell. Gree Electric stand Firmly behind their product lines. Gree / Tosot are also very innovative… new products are introduced quite often. We are fortunate to have great connections with Gree / Tosot. Proud to handle this line of Inverter Mini Splits. We chose wisely to handle this Premium line. WARRANTY is a Key... With Gree Select Dealers, 10 year warranties are available upon registration. 7 Year for TOSOT with no registration. Gree Electric, The Largest AC Manufacturer in the World, Stands Firmly Behind their products as do we, Mini Splits Outlets.

We offer other services that you don’t see often. One of many is that we are linked to a consultant firm that charges a minimal fee for things such as system sizing (HVAC Mechanical Loads). If you are in a position where you need a professional load to satisfy yourself or an HVAC Inspector or Builder, he can assist and walk you through the process. HVAC Perspectives (859) 314-1932 located not far from our warehouse. Eddie is professional and another HVAC Veteran who is an integral part of our team from a distance. With that said, we are very capable of handling your job no matter the size.

We are very knowledgeable on 'Breathe Clean Air' technology and would love the opportunity to assist in the design and install of your next home or remodel. We have been in the Wholesale Distribution Business for 30 years. Mini Splits... 15 years. An Associate of Gree Electric... 6 years.